General Terms and Conditions of Medienbox GmbH

1. Subject Matter of the Contract

1.1. Medienbox GmbH, hereinafter referred to as the „Production Company,“ provides services in the field of film and video production as well as events, in accordance with the agreements in this contract.

1.2. The customer’s order must be in writing. The acceptance of the order is at the discretion of Medienbox GmbH. Oral side agreements require written confirmation to be effective. In case of deviations from the order, the customer is informed in advance.

2. Services

2.1. The Production Company will provide the agreed-upon services in accordance with the present contract and specific project agreements.

2.2. The customer agrees to provide the necessary information, resources, and permits required for the successful execution of the project.

3. Prices and Payment Terms

3.1. Prices for the services of the Production Company will be determined in the respective project agreement or offer and are exclusive of value-added tax (VAT).

3.2. Unless otherwise agreed, payments are due upon contract conclusion without deductions. Medienbox GmbH is entitled to charge statutory default interest after the due date. Any deviations from this agreement require written confirmation.

4. Cancellation by the Customer

4.1. Cancellation requires written notice to be legally effective. The date of cancellation is determined by the receipt of the termination letter by Medienbox GmbH.

4.2. For cancellations of an order up to 30 days before the scheduled performance date, no costs will be incurred by the customer. For cancellations after this point, the cancellation costs (as a percentage of the order value) are as follows:

  • 30 to 20 days before the agreed-upon performance date: 25%,
  • 19 to 10 days before the agreed-upon performance date: 50%,
  • 9 to 4 days before the agreed-upon performance date: 75%,
  • Less than 96 hours before the agreed-upon performance date: 100%.

4.3. Upon cancellation, the customer is responsible for reimbursing all expenses incurred by Medienbox GmbH due to the issued order. This obligation is waived to the extent that the customer can demonstrate that no damage or significantly lower damage has occurred to Medienbox GmbH.

5. Copyright and Licensing

5.1. All rights to the created film and video productions, including copyrights, remain with the Production Company unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

5.2. The customer receives a non-exclusive license to use the created content in accordance with the agreements in the project agreement.

6. Disclaimer

6.1. The Production Company is not liable for losses, damages, or delays attributable to events or circumstances beyond its control.

7. Confidentiality

7.1. Both parties undertake not to disclose confidential information related to this contract to third parties.

8. Termination

8.1. The contracting parties have the right to terminate this contract for significant reasons, provided they notify the other party in writing.

9. Final Provisions

9.1. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all previous agreements or understandings.

9.2. Changes or additions to this contract require written form and the consent of both parties.

10. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

10.1. This contract is subject to the law of ordinary jurisdiction, and disputes fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Frankfurt district.

Please note that this is a translation, and for legal purposes, it’s essential to have the document reviewed by a legal professional to ensure its accuracy and compliance with local laws and regulations.